Why Choose a Professional Deep Cleaning Company

We realize it’s very easy to fall into the trap of assuming that house cleaning should come dirt cheap.

We went to the trouble of doing when we first started in this industry.

What we are saying is, it’s just manual labor right? There isn’t much to it.

Yet as we learned an increasing number of about what really happens in your home cleaning service world, it was actually amazing alone to check out however unregulated it is, especially with regards to independent cleaners on Craigslist or another job posting sites.

However before We do, we simply desired to quickly talk about the wide array in prices and why things will cost the way in which they are. Find out more about Residential Cleaning for Homes in Roseville CA.

So we wanted to quickly talk with you and discuss 5 points that you need to consider before hiring a personal maid or professional deep cleaning company to help you learn about the differences.

Difference in Pricing

Look online for house cleaning help with you’ll very quickly notice that there are generally 2 selling prices with regards to house cleaning:

a) the independent cleaners that are really cheap at $10 – $20 per hour

b) the business deep cleaning companies which may range from $40 per hour up to $80 per hour (and often even more)

With such a huge difference it enables you to wonder – are the dearer cleaning franchises that significantly better at cleaning your own home? What’s so remarkable about surfing through an expert house cleaning company?

That will help you answer that ask about, we’ve highlighted 6 main the reason why you ought to pick a house cleaning company over a private house cleaner.

We have Trust-worthy cleaners available.

The most vital thing to consider when searching for a housecleaner is hiring someone you possibly can trust.

This isn’t something you should easily brush off.

These cleaners will be into your home and near to you to all of your valuables so that you want to ensure that the cleaners are individuals you possibly can trust.

They should also pass a police back end and preferably find quite a lot of clients already.

Going through this method normally takes more than a few hours to find the right fit.

Just for a frame of reference, we need to pass through more than 250 applications only for our Calgary operations whenever we post work opening. And out of these, maybe 2 or three get on becoming a regular maid for us.

Once you go together with a professional maid service, all the background checks and interviews are fully finished you. For instance, at The Cleaning Co., every cleaner we hire gets a whole background check and held in a few interviews and tests to make sure that whoever is in your home is someone who’s reliable, respectful, and is very good at clean.

Cleaning fast and efficiently takes more planning and organization skills than you think.

Imagine this scenario: Your in-laws just called to convey they’re coming over for a good news visit found on the weekend. It’s Friday and your cleaner is supposed to be at your home at 8:30am and this now 9:45am and they still haven’t shown up. You call their cellphone to discover what’s happening but all you actually get might their be voicemail. You are trying calling them again and once again over the course of the day but get no response.

Now what do you do?

With a maid service would be that they typically have a roster of maids that may, as a rule, fill in when another maid calls in sick. Repeatedly you won’t even notice only if you were home and saw that it was a special maid.

If reliability and keeping cleanings done when you demand it are your make or break factor, you ought to definitely consider going with a house cleaning service.

At professional house deep cleaning companies, you obtain a customer support system in place for anything at all that goes wrong. It comes in hand for things like:

Cleaner hasn’t shown up or is sick? Call customer care and so they’ll find a duplicate or on-call maid to come back clean your home.
The cleaner appeared but missed a are some things in the course of the cleaning? No problem, just call support and, if they have ever a service guarantee, they’ll send someone back to clean that which was missed at no additional fee to you.
Want to reschedule your appointment? Give proper notice and the cleaning company will gladly reschedule your appointment for you.
Include some comments or advises the cleaner but don’t want points to get weird with your cleaner? Let customer support know and they’ll relay your concerns in a fashion that doesn’t lead back to you.

After you have 1,000,000 other things to concern yourself with, this type of support comes you possibly can’t live without.

We make house cleaning as simple for you as possible. The truth is, we’ve based major part of corporate model on providing an outstanding clean with an amazing support system for our particular customers.

Cleaning Service Guarantee

Very few independent cleaners (and also professional maid services) present you with a Cleaning Service Guarantee. Basically, if our cleaners missed anything or if you’re not pleased with the cleaning service that you just received, let us know within one day of a persons appointment and we’ll gladly transmitted another cleaner to scrub what was missed or not properly cleaned – for free of charge to you.

At The Cleaning Co., we after all to experience a 24 hour service guarantee and are eager to repair areas that most of us miss or didn’t clean properly for free of charge to you.

Relax we Got This!

The books is if price have you noticed your main and only concern, you will be setting yourself subscribe a really expensive mistake later on. What knowledgeable maid service provides is convenience and ease with a strong customer care system if things go wrong.

Anyone inside the house cleaning industry who provides you with that these have never had an issue appear last second either has minimal experience or is just flat out lying to you. Things happen all the time. Cleaners become ill (or their kids become ill), cars breakdown, people getting lost looking for an address – things you can’t even imagine going on happen for those on a daily basis.

In the event you’re prepared and prefer to deal with it then great; but when you want someone to take care of that simpler for you whilst you’re busy in the workplace, running errands, or caring for other items that life has to throw your way, a cleaning company is probably better for you.

Choosing a deep cleaning house cleaner is particularly the thing you need to take very seriously. They’ll function within your home as well as in close touch with your most precious valuables. That means certainly you need somebody who’s fast and efficient, you’ll want someone you may trust as well. You may have found kind of cleaner by going the independent route, though it takes time.

By choosing a cleaning company like The Cleaning Co., you usually feel assured that this cleaner in your house has undergone a back end and is closely evaluated onto their cleaning ability. In addition to that, but when for any reason an issue came up, there’s in fact a system set up to identify a chemical solution the issue, fast.

It basically means peace of mind, and for a lot of people, that’s worth the additional cost.