What to Keep in Mind When Buying Trophies for Pet Shows

Receiving a trophy is the best kind of reward for any sportsman. There is a symbolism of success and talent associated with it.


The design of a trophy will do much to add to its beauty. The shape and size of a trophy, along with the material used, will affect how good a trophy looks. Nowadays, some of the best trophies are large and engraved or carved. The design of a trophy will be affected by which sport it is awarded for and what kind of people receive it. A basketball trophy and a swimming trophy, for example, may have very different designs. Similarly, a trophy meant for teenagers may not necessarily appeal to grownups. Pet owners who win trophies for small scale competitions are usually happy with bright and small trophies, while a state level athlete may expect a smarter, bigger trophy. The design of a trophy will therefore depend upon many factors like gender, sport, age group etc.

Better than Cash

Trophies make for better rewards than cash. Monetary rewards, pleasing as they may be, are also fleeting. Cash gets spent easily, trophies remain forever. The idea behind rewarding a trophy is the permanence associated with it. Winners can cherish the trophies that they have won for years after winning the match. They can also be displayed proudly in homes, unlike money. Of course, most tournaments offer a cash prize along with the trophy. The pricey cheques handed over, however, come as second for most sports people who want the glory of winning an event and the trophy as a prize.

The Prestige

The value of a trophy is determined not by its price or the material it is made up of, but by the aura associated with it. The bigger and more prestigious a sporting tournament is, the more coveted its trophy. That is the reason why so many of the biggest football and basketball tournaments hand out trophies rather than cash checks. The idea behind a trophy is that it is a reminder to the sportsperson of his or her potential and accomplishment. In this way, they act as a tool of motivating a person during the low points of their career. Some of the most coveted trophies in the sporting world include Ballon Dae, the FIFA trophy etc .amongst others.

Materials Used

Trophies can be designed from many kinds of metals. The kind of metal used may increase the selling price of a trophy but not the glory associated with it. Some of the most common metals used to construct trophies are iron, steel, gold, white gold, silver and bronze. Nowadays, besides metals, materials like glass and crystal are also being used to manufacture trophies.



The selling price of a trophy will depend upon the size, the amount of labor that went into designing it and the materials used. A trophy made of solid silver, for example, will definitely cost more than one made of steel or brass. The price of the trophy will affect what kind of trophy you buy for your sporting event. Look at the budget you have set aside for rewards and prizes and choose a trophy accordingly.

At the end of the day, winning a trophy is a big deal for any sportsman, so choose the trophy carefully you want to present and increase their joy on receiving it.

If you have to buy trophies, order in bulk from the same place. There are many stores online as well as offline that sell cheap trophies, which are very good in quality and the recipients will surely love them and cherish them for a long time to come.